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It is with regret that the club confirm that the 2020 championship (probably destined to become the most competitive Scottish hills/sprints championship for many a year) has been cancelled in the light of the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



We await with interest the possibilities of one or two events before the end of the season – however we recognise the challenges that organising clubs face in order to ensure the safety of all concerned – and they will have our full support whatever the decisions they come to.


Please stay safe – and make sure your car is ready for the beginning of next years Scottish MX5 Register Championship – always assuming you relish lots and lots of competition 🙂


To anyone who has seen the recent spate of inappropriate postings on this site – we proffer our apologies – we were ‘hacked’ yet again – you’d think people had better things to do, wouldn’t you ???  🙂


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