Current Standing – mid season update.

So we are half through the season having completed nine of fifteen scoring events on the clubs Lowlands Speed Championship calendar and what a season this is turning out to be. Andy Connell leads, closely followed by Ross Glen. Keith Rose, Lesley Scoular and James Robinson follow them and the Coltart’s having done fewer events come right behind this with young gun leading old gun. Stuart Mather and Alan Head sit 8th and 9th and the top ten is rounded off by Henry Simmons.

The quality of racing and the tightness of competition has been exceptional, events have been won by 10ths of a second and if we include the Scottish events at Golspie we have had four individual winners. We have also seen a much welcomed turn out from the club’s Chairperson Richy Bolton at Kames and alongside this the Vice Chairperson John Roddick blew us all away with the speed and performance of his turbo developed mk1 at both Kames and Doune.

The story of the season so far is the performance of young James Colthart, he has followed last year’s rise to form in his mk1 with new heights in his new mk2.5. not only pushing for victories but also pushing for records. On Sunday the 25th June spectators were treated to one of the most tantalising battles of the club’s history. John Roddick’s record had stood for around 3 years and seemed untouchable, not so. On his first timed run Andy delivered a 53.32, he had the record – for five minutes, then James blasts up the hill and lands a 53.20.

All down to the final runs and the weather holds out, quite cold but dry. There is a great tussle for the third spot, Ross Glen, Donald Coltart and Henry Simmons all close within 10ths of each other. After the usual A9 sportsmanship and the team replacement of Henry’s slave cylinder he found an extra few 10ths and put in a 54.26 to take third spot. However this was a long way off the 53.11 that Andy pulls out the bag on his final run, James could not improve and we have a new record holder for Forrestburn.

All through the field there is serious tight competitions, few people are not being pushed and all in all we don’t think you will find any more exciting, affordable and close racing in any other class or motorsport in general. Come and join us, you will be most welcome and will some guaranteed exciting motorsport.

We head off to Kames in July, it cannot come quick enough but sadly the end of the season will. The big question is can Andy or Ross hold back the challenge from James, will Donald upset the mix and can some of the newcomers find that extra form to spice it up further as we had into the final half of the season.