Round 1 9th April Kames EACC
Round 2 16th April Doune LCC
Round 3 13th May Kames SSCC
Round 4 14th May Kames MCC
Round 5 17/18th June Doune LCC
Round 6 25th June Forrestburn MSCC
Round 7 29th July Kames EACC
Round 8 30th July Kames EACC
Round 9 27th August Forrestburn MSCC
Round 10 17/18th September Doune LCC
Round 11 1st October Kames EACC


Additional for Register championship *
April 8th                               Kames
April 15th                             Doune
June 24th                            Forrestburn
August 26th                        Forrestburn
* Subject to change – other events may be added to the Register championship.