Year end standing

Scottish MX5 Hillclimb & Sprint Register – End of season report 2016.

msalogoproperclearAfter 15 events our Club Championship has proved that our attempts to ensure that a level playing field gives recognition to skill rather than money has been successful. As in many sports, there will always be  a few outstanding individuals, and Andy Connell and Ross Glen proved this. After a very tight battle, Ross becomes champion, beating Andy by only 4.52 points. Watching the friendly rivalry between these two has been inspiring. There have also been some significant improvements noted among all members with many personal bests recorded. Just behind this gifted duo, 3rd, 4th and 5th places were taken by Henry Simmons,James Coltart and Kevin Hamilton with only 2.95 points separating all three!

It was the same story throughout. The close results ensure that most protagonists will be back next year, and competitors from other classes hinting that they may take the walk across the paddock to join us.

We made a serious impact on the Scottish Lowland Championship also, with Ross Glen taking top honours of overall Champion and Andy Connell as runner up! Our members also took awards for Ladies (Leslie Scoular); Newcomer (Alan Head) MX5 champ James Coltart; Division Awards to Andy Connell (champ) and James Coltart (runner up) ; and class awards for Class A9, with James Coltart 1st and Henry Simmons 2nd. Quite an achievement for a relatively new club.

Register members made quite an impression on the Cross-Border Championship  as well, including Ladies Champion Leslie Scoular,Newcomer champ Stuart Mather. Kevin Hamilton and Ross Glen came 3rd and 4th.

Henry Simmons, Allan Harrop, Danny Clark and Jim Clark earned loyalty awards.

At the end of season we have 41 members on the books, with 5 newcomers this year, including young Sophie Bell. We hope to see more ladies joining us.  All in all, it has been a very good season for the Register.

Overall club championship

  1. Ross Glen
  2. Andy Connell
  3. Kevin Hamilton
  4. Henry Simmons
  5. James Coltart
  6. Donald Coltart
  7. Allan Harrop
  8. Jason Russell
  9. Bob Mather
  10. Danny Clark

Best MX5 Mark 1

  1. Henry Simmons
  2. James Coltart

Best Newcomer

1.Donald Coltart


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