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Home of the Scottish MX5 Hillclimb & Sprint Register

msalogoproperclearEunos Ecosse home of the Scottish MX5 Hillclimb and Sprint Register was founded by a small number of motorsport enthusiasts and MX5 owners, all of us are motorsports club members most competing in the Scottish Lowland Speed Championship and some in the Scottish Championship. Our aim was to develop and run a register that would be recognised as a single marque class and that would allow for a highly competitive, low cost and fun competition within the Scottish Lowland Speed Championship.

We developed a comprehensive set of rules and most importantly we agreed a set of regulations that would limit modifications, keep costs to a minimum and ensure that the register would be an inclusive option to those with a limited budget. We were determined to ensure that the best driver would win the class rather than the wealthiest. We wanted to stop money being the determinant factor of success. Once we developed the rules and regulations and set the register up we received an immensely warm and supportive welcome from David Baker

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Organiser of the Scottish Lowland Speed Championship, who to our delight agreed to set up a specific class for us in the Championship- Class A9. We have also received a warm welcome from the Monklands, Lothian and East Ayrshire Car Clubs. The Cross Border Championship have also recognised our class, bringing new venues, and fierce competition.

New for 2019

In 2019 we are keen to build on the success of our current Class A9. We recognise from the number of enquiries we receive that there are many current owners of modified MK 1’ s, Mk 2’ s and MK3 who might wish to join us competing in the Lowlands Championship and at the present time do not have a class in our club. We want to change that and become the host of a broader community of MX5 motorsport enthusiasts. To this end we plan to introduce a new class to our own championship and we are inviting any MK3 or modified MK1’s or MK2’s to join our club and compete in the relevant Lowland Championship class, which at present is class A8. Class A9 will continue to be our main championship formed around our core rules but we will be offering a trophy for the best performing modified or MK3 MX5 in this more open class under the Lowland Championship Rules.

So if you have an MX5 and want to join us all you need is some basic equipment and to meet a few simple requirements – which we can advise on – and you too can be part of the fun ! If you don’t already have an MX5 our members really know their way round these cars and the market and can help advise on spec and prices, so get in touch and we will do what we can to help you get started. For some low cost,

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highly competitive motorsport this is the place to be….. come and join us!

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